Overview: Location Services [RTLS]

Location Services is also known as RTLS or Real-Time Location Services

RTLS Basic Rules:

  • Deploy minimum of 4 AP per floor.
  • One AP around client in each quadrant.
  • -75 dBm Client RSSI on 3 APs.
  • Create a convex hull around location area.

Location Tracking Methods

Four Basis Categories of Systems to determine the position.

  • Cell of Origin:
    • uses the highest signal strength technique to locate.
  • Distance-Based:
    • also called as Trilateration.
    • uses received signal strength [RSS].
    • measured by mobile device or receiving sensor.
  • Angle-Based:
    • also called Angulation.
    • Angle of Arrival [AoA] locates the mobile station by determining the angle of incidence at which signals arrive at the receiving sensor.
    • requires two receiving sensors for location estimations.
    • needed at least three or more receiving sensors (triangulation) to improve accuracy.
  • Location Patterning:
    • also called Fingerprinting.
    • based on sampling and recording of radio signal behavior patterns in specific environments.
    • each potential device location possesses a distinctly unique RF signature.

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