Overview: CISCO SD-WAN

Software-Defined WAN [SD-WAN] Solutions:

  • Cisco SD-WAN (based on Viptela) – The preferred solution for organizations that require SD-WAN solution with cloud-based initiatives that provides granular segmentation, advanced routing, advanced security, and complex topologies while connecting to cloud instances.
  • Meraki SD-WAN – Recommended solution for organizations that requires unified threat management (UTM) solutions with SD-WAN functionality.

Note: Only the Cisco SD-WAN Solution based on Viptela are cover in Cisco Certification.

Main Components of Cisco SD-WAN:

  • vManage Network Management System [NMS].
  • vSmart Controller.
  • SD-WAN routers.
  • vBond Orchestrator.
  • vAnalytics.

Three Deployments Planes of Cisco SD-WAN and its components:

  • Management / Orchestration Plane – vManage and vBond
  • Control Plane – vSmart Controller
  • Data Plane – vEdge

Each components will be discuss on separate blog.

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