Standalone Mode vs Master Controller Mode

Master Controller Mode Features: Controllers that runs on ArubaOS 6.x are use as a Master Controller / Local Controller architectures. Master Controller Mode Use Cases: Master/Local Standalone Mode Features: Controllers that is not a managed controller. Standalone Mode Use Cases: Site-to-Site VPN connectionsRemote Access PointsInstant Access PointsVIA Client Applications

Forwarding Modes: WLAN User Traffic

Tunnel Mode: -Access Point creates a GRE tunnels to the controller. -Each Access Points creates tunnel per WLAN, per radio, and additional tunnel for a keepalive mechanisms. -The user traffic via GRE tunnel to the controller are encrypted. Decrypt-Tunnel Mode: - Access Point creates a GRE tunnels to the controller. -Access Point decrypts user traffic … Continue reading Forwarding Modes: WLAN User Traffic

Aruba Mobile First Architecture

From the exam objectives, we can see that it is one of the first topics to learn in studying for the ACMP exam. Therefore its better to understand what does it means and how it works What is Aruba Mobile First Architecture means? An excerpt from the summary of Aruba Mobile First Architecture, it defines … Continue reading Aruba Mobile First Architecture